“Twas the day of the failure and all through the lab
Not a creature was smiling, it was all so sad.
“We did it so well, what could have been wrong?”
Was the corporate dirge of that desolate throng.

“Let’s try it again” said the chief of the crew,
In the hope that they’d get what they thought was past due.
But strive as they might, it wasn’t to be,
The results were so bad, you could clearly see.

“Damn it all men!  We’ve got to have hope,
I just can’t be that much of a dope.”
But the chief was mistaken, and no mystery,
A very nice guy, but a manager he.

But the janitor there had a dream one day
And convinced them all to try his way.
It didn’t make sense, or so they thought,
But the fact was this - - it made what they sought.

So the moral is this, lest you’ve missed the point,
Be open to ideas or leave the joint.
For, if there’s one thing needed in this land of the free,
It’s what we call SERENDIPITY

- Jerry Hannan