Chapter 1: Serendipity:  How It Happens

Chapter 2: The Advantages of Being Lucky and Observant in Chemistry Laboratories

Chapter 3: Soaring, Bubbling, Lightning - - Where Air Meets Sea

Chapter 4: Penicillin: Some Little Known Factors

Chapter 5: An Improbable Route to a Cure for Tuberculosis

Chapter 6: Contributions of Aspirin, Rat Poisons, and Other Compounds to Health

Chapter 7: Soil Microbes, Anesthetics, Sunken Submarines, and Other Biological Tools

Chapter 8: Learning from Animals and Insects

Chapter 9: From the Earth to the Stars

Chapter 10: Winning the Big One

Chapter 11: Technical Literature: Pluses and Minuses

Chapter 12: Chance, and Finding One's niche

Chapter 13: Keeping the Monkey Wrench Out of the Gears, or How Not to Screw Up Research

Chapter 14: A Philosophy for Science